Bulk Trash Day

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2022-10-15 09:00 - 16:00

Carload (2 or 4 door) - $15.00

Mini Van/SUV/Hatchback - $20.00

Utility Van or Pick Up Truck - $25.00

Utility Trailer (up to 6 feet) - $35.00

Utility Trailer (over 6 ft) - $60.00

Utility Trailer (tandem axle) $130.00

Dual Wheel Truck/Box Truck/ UHAUL - $175.00

Dump Truck - $250.00

Due to waste authority restrictions, we can not accept the following: Any electronics, appliances requiring freon removal, batteries, waste oil, yard waste (limbs, leaves, etc.), paint, cement, dirt, pesticides, herbicides or any material deemed hazardous.

We will be open as a first come, first served basis. We will do everything we can to accommodate everyone, but once the containers are full, we will discontinue accepting loads. We will be starting a line at the Compactor entrance. You will be required to pay cash at the entrance, we do not have the capability to accept credit cards at the entrance. One of our crew will direct you to the appropriate container, Our staff will be available to assist with larger items. You will then exit through the back gate and around.